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Wheel of Creativity

by Prabhakaran Gunasekaran, Creative Director at Comnez Inc.

What makes your website any different from several other websites conveying a similar message to your audience? Why should a user spend more time on your website compared to the others that have same information? Why should someone buy a product on your website when they can find the same product on several other websites?

The answer to such questions is very simple but often ignored. We believe that you already have the answer and you apply the same approach when you are visiting other companies' websites. Your eyes are looking for something different, something unique, something pleasant, something simple but useful, something you want to get used to, something you can rely upon, something you want to come back to and something you can use as an example for your own website.

Our wheel of creativity takes an exciting spin to show you the power of our creative model for website development.

Tip:Clicking the respective areas over the wheel above will display our concept of creativity in that area.

Website Development Process

We want to set the expectations right. Website development is often a very detail oriented process and if the expectations are not set correctly then it can cause a lot of unnecessary frustration. Developing a website is no different from developing any other software and it is important to understand the steps involved during this process.

The process chain below depicts the flow of activities involved in developing a website from concept to finish.

Design Phase > Client Approval of Design > Development Phase > Quality Testing > Bugs/Defects Fixing > Final Testing > Delivery to the Client > Client Testing > Client Approval > Website Goes Live

As you can see, there are a lot of steps involved during this process. There are several rounds of testing before we arrive at the finished product.

Working with Comnez assures a quality product since we are very thorough with the software engineering processes and take full responsibility of executing each step to the smallest level of detail. We assist our clients with every involvement they have during this process because we do not expect our clients to have any knowledge of the complexity involved and we want the entire process to be pleasing and exciting for them as well as for us.

For those who are more interested in understanding the process in detail, we recommend watching our presentation of Agile Methodology. This is the methodology we try to implement during the development life cycle because we believe that agile process is the most efficient way of developing websites and it also provides the maximum flexibility and control of the end product to its stakeholders.