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Website Factory

What is it?
Website Factory is a fully hosted and managed website creation platform with full CMS support that can be used to set up large-scale interactive websites in very little time. It comes pre-loaded with several high-end designs for your website to choose from.
Who is it for?
Website Factory is for any individual or organization that wants to have a highly interactive professional looking website with an ability to manage its content and add functional areas. We don’t expect you to have any technical knowledge to build and manage large-scale websites.
Why use it?
Website Factory provides a unique design for your website that is never sold to another customer. Its ability to add interactive pages can convert your website to an interactive solution ranging from simple blogs to advance ecommerce sites. You don’t need to have technical knowledge to build cutting edge websites.
Unique Designs We are committed to provide a unique look and feel to your website to match your brand. Our design library is pre-loaded with several unique designs that can be customized free of cost to match any organization’s brand. Companies and individuals who wish to create a new custom design can request a new design at no additional charge. The new design will conform to your creative input through our 8 step creative input wizard.
Dynamic Pages Website Factory’s ability to add dynamic pages to your website gives you the power to create any type of website solution to interact with your site visitors. Website Factory lets you specify a page type for the page that you are adding. There are several built in page types such as photo gallery, business directory, event registration, shopping cart etc. These page types will add fully functional dynamic sections to your website.
Media & Documents Utilize a separate storage unit for all the media and document files such as images, video, PDF/word/other documents on your website. These files can be organized using any folder structure for easy navigation. Media files can be directly inserted into your web pages using an easy to use pop up available within the page editors. Website Factory provides unlimited storage for the files that are a part of your website.
Site Analytics Integrated site analytics gives you instant access to the site statistics for your website. Its powerful graphical interface provides various interesting data about your visitors and their navigation behavior. Website Factory is also integrated with Google Analytics and all you need to do is paste your Google Analytics code in the integration window. Instant site analytics is a great tool to see the results of your online marketing efforts.

Product Features

  • Select and Lock the design you want for your website. Your final design will not be repeated on any other website.
  • Customize any design to match your brand at no additional cost.
  • Request a new design by specifying all the building blocks to drive the creativity.
  • Manage the content on any page using WYSIWYG editor.
  • Setup automatic content publishing by specifying start and end dates for your articles.
  • Set up search engine tags for keywords and descriptions on a page-by-page basis.
  • Add dynamic pages to your website by selecting from different page types available to you.