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Timesheet Management

Product Description

Web based timesheet management system allows the users to record their daily timesheet against one or multiple projects. Its online approval functionality completes the workflow by providing the project managers with a tool to approve the time entries by their team members. A single instance of this application can be used to manage timesheets for multiple projects of multiple clients. The visibility of various clients and their projects can be controlled by utilizing its fully role based user management system. Clients can also have access to the timesheet approval and reporting feature for any project that you allow them to access. Extensive reporting capabilities can generate reports by user, by month, by week etc. The system can be utilized by any organization that wants to track the time spent by its employees on various projects in house or client based. Comprehensive administration interface is available to manage clients, projects, tasks, users, billing rates etc.

Product Features

  • Create and maintain clients, projects and tasks
  • Assign users to client, projects and tasks
  • Fully functional calendar allows users to log their time for the smallest unit of work
  • Records comments for each time entry
  • Yearly, Monthly & Weekly views
  • Timesheet approval and rejection tool for project managers
  • Approved timesheets are not allowed to be edited
  • Role based user management system allows full access control
  • Email notifications are enabled for all user functions
  • Full keyword search for all the data in the system
  • Manages the entire workflow for time reporting on a project
  • Generate reports by user, by month, by week etc.
  • Web based system available from anywhere at anytime
  • Developed using PHP technology
  • Compatible with MySQL database

Online Subscription

This application is not available as a subscription service at the moment.

Licensed Version

A licensed version of this product is available for use. Please contact our product sales to obtain pricing on the licensed copy of this product.