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Comnez Bugtracker

Product Description

Every software development firm knows how important it is to track the bugs in any software project and make sure that they are resolved. That is the key to producing high quality software. Rigorous testing and bug fixing ensures robust software applications and guarantees success in the field of software development. Comnez bugtracker has specifically been designed to do exactly that, track your software bugs and fix them. The process of finding bugs begins with the testing phase and therefore we have made sure that tracking test cases is equally vital for this application. There are several bugtracker applications available in the market. The specialty of Comnez bugtracker is its unique approach towards combining the testing, bug fixing and the related communication process into one complete solution. The role based application allows the system administrator to assign various functions of the overall process to different members of the QA and development team. The application also facilitates all the communication that needs to happen in order to resolve any particular bug. This application works for all sizes of software development projects due to its comprehensive functional capabilities. The system is over simplified maintaining our basic principal of using simplicity to solve complex business functions. As we have said that our products are the products of our own needs. Being a software development firm we have used and improved this application for over 3 years. Bugtracker is a web based product and can be used by organizations that are spread globally.

Product Features

  • Create and maintain multiple projects
  • Create and maintain multiple users and assign users to projects
  • Create and maintain test cases for each project
  • Perform full functional testing and record the results of various test cases
  • Failed test cases are automatically converted to bugs
  • New bugs can also be created from a separate bug capture screen
  • Role based application allows the editing of bugs and test cases by certain users only
  • Multiple documents can be attached to bugs and test cases
  • Individual discussion threads for each bug record enabling internal communication
  • Email notifications for all user functions
  • Full keyword search for all the data in the system
  • Manages the entire workflow during testing and bug fixing
  • Generate reports and calculate various QA metrics
  • Web based system available from anywhere at anytime
  • Fully developed in Java
  • Compatible with MySQL and Oracle databases

Online Subscription

This application is not available as a subscription service at the moment.

Licensed Version

A licensed version of this product is available for use. Please contact our product sales to obtain pricing on the licensed copy of this product.