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Services Overview

Comnez is a software development company. All our services have been designed to fullfill the various needs of software development that companies often come across. We try to cater to all the industry verticals with software needs. You can either outsource the entire software department of your organization to us or simply use us for specific project needs.

Since we specialize in the area of web development, we have also broken down our services to target specific needs of our customers. Website design and development is one such area that largely dominates the modern software industry. For a layman, anything that opens in a web browser is a website. However techies tend to differentiate between websites and web applications based on the type of usage and functionalities. For customers looking at more specialized usage of web, we recommend various types of web based solutions including the Customer Relationship Management or CRM solution.

We all know that no product or service can succeed without an effective sales and marketing strategy behind it. Our online marketing service tries to address the sales and marketing component of your business over the web. The massive growth of internet users in the recent times has paved a new way for reaching the target audience for your business offerings. We ensure that we provide all such services to our customers turning towards the web for promoting their business.

Experts have said that the growing need for data storage is going to increase the demand of data centers around the globe. There are several countries around the globe that face significant challenges in terms of maintaining a high availability data center for their business needs. We have carefully chosen the location and infrastructure to meet such high demands and our data center services have been designed to meet the needs of customers globally. We welcome enquiries regarding this service from anywhere in the world. Our 24/7 customer service will always be available to assist you in case of support.

Description of Services

The following table catgorizes our services based on the target audience. This would help you identify the right area of work where we can help your business. If you are still unsure about the right kind of service for your needs then please feel free to contact us.

Service CategoryWho is it for?
Software Project OutsourcingCompanies who want to outsource software development work. If you are looking to save 60% of your development cost and still have the most talented programmers in your project team then we are the right service provider for you.
Website Design & DevelopmentWhether you want to create your branding over the web or wish to sell your products online. Our powerful website solutions are designed to meet all your needs.
Custom CRM ImplementationIf you are a small to mid sized business looking for sales force automation, inventory management, accounting etc. then we can help you with a fully customized version of our CRM solution.
Online Marketing SolutionIf you want to harness the power of internet to generate leads for your business, increase your product sale or promote your brand, we will make it happen. Our online marketing capabilities will provide you with all the tools and analytics to make the best use of internet in growing your business.
Data Center ServicesOrganizations of all sizes located anywhere in the world that need a high availability server with very little or no management.